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At Fouts Law Group, LLC, we are proud to be affiliated with Retirement Planning Specialists, Inc., founded by Jeff Fouts. When you trust our financial planning firm, you are given access to the assistance you need in building your personal wealth. By constructing a sound financial plan now and continuing to make smart choices, you can achieve financial security for your future and that of your children. Let us help you begin making your money grow so that you can achieve what you have dreamed of.

You don’t have to be wealthy to create a financial plan. No matter your income, our legal team will assist you in making your money work for you. We can help you create your first financial plan, and we can help you update a plan that is already in place. Call our office at (678) 242-8344 to speak with a Woodstock financial planning lawyer today and let us provide you with financial advice personalized to your unique situation. We can provide you with information, including:

  • When the time is right for financial planning
  • What a financial plan includes
  • How Retirement Planning Specialists, Inc. can help

When the Time Is Right for Financial Planning

The fact is this: the time for financial planning is now. If you have not already constructed your plan, there is no reason to put it off. People work their whole lives only to discover that they don’t have enough money to retire. We don’t believe this is what anyone should face. You put in long hours at work and should be able to enjoy your life when you are of retirement age. You deserve nothing less.

There are financial demands that burden us all throughout our lives. It can be difficult to adequately save for your Golden Years when you are forced to pay bills, emergency expenses and more. When you have a financial plan in place, you can rest assured that you will have the money available that is necessary to retire.

The sooner you begin working with a Woodstock financial planning professional, the more money you will have when you retire. You will begin to earn interest on the day you start saving. The earlier you start to plan for your future, the better off you will be. Stop missing the years of investing you could be participating in by working with one of our specialists today.

Even if you believe that you have amassed an adequate savings account, you need appropriate financial planning advice. There could be risks that you aren’t aware of that can eat away at your savings, leaving you with less than you planned for. We can help you ensure those risks don’t undermine your steady efforts in ensuring your security.

An attorney who offers financial planning advice can help you identify the threats that may be lurking around the corner. Let us utilize our legal and financial knowledge to help you find ways that asset protection tools can benefit you and your family.

What a Financial Plan Includes

Every person’s financial plan is a unique one. We will work with you to construct a plan that is appropriate for your life situation, income level and future goals. If you earn a wage, for example, your plan may be different than a person who owns a corporation. Your personal and professional investments will determine the components of your personalized financial strategy.

Regardless of the current financial situation you find yourself in, your plan will include immediate and future goals, the approaches you will need to take to achieve those goals, and the legal tools which can protect your financial security once your goals have been met. We can help you complete financial planning tasks that include:

  • Setting goals for different phases of your life and choosing products to invest in.
  • Using trusts and powers of attorney to protect you in the event you suffer a financial loss or become incapacitated.
  • Using tax-advantaged accounts to protect you in the event of bankruptcy.

There are other steps we can help you take in constructing your financial plan. Your plan will be personalized in a way that is appropriate for you and your family.

How Retirement Planning Specialists, Inc. Can Help

Retirement Planning Specialists, Inc. can provide you with assistance in construction and maintaining your financial plan in Woodstock. We can help you not only amass wealth, but manage it. To learn more about how Retirement Planning Specialists, Inc. can assist you, call (678) 242-8344 or reach out to us online.

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