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Why You Need an Estate Attorney

Aug 6, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning appears simple. Jeff Fouts, estate planning attorney here. It appears simple to many people, they say, ‘Jeff, how complicated can it be? I’m leaving everything to my wife, and then when she dies, I’m leaving everything to my children. It’s not difficult.’

Yes, I understand that’s how it appears, but here’s the thing. When people ask me questions about estate planning, what they don’t realize is that oftentimes their question involves many legal or financial planning issues.

That is actually why I like estate planning. It keeps me interested. For example, if you ask me a question, the question you ask oftentimes involves probate law, civil law, tax law, trust law, real property law, asset protection law, bankruptcy law, elder law.

Most times, at least two, if not three or four of these issues come together. Please, hear what I’m saying. You are probably smarter than I am in your respective area of study, your career. There is no doubt you’re smarter than I am, but please, do not think that you’re smarter than an experienced estate planning attorney. If you do, accidents may very well happen, and your estate not go the way that you wanted it to.

If we can ever help you, review your estate plan, let us know. Have a good day.”

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