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The Complexities of Estate Planning

Aug 22, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “When I talk to people about estate planning, oftentimes they think that it’s super simple. They think that perhaps I’m overly complicating it. Maybe they think to themselves, ‘Well, Jeff, how difficult can it be? I’m just leaving everything to my wife, and then I’m leaving everything equally to my children. This is not that complicated.’

Please forgive me. I beg to respectfully differ. When people oftentimes ask me questions about estate planning, the questions they ask me involve many issues. For example, they may involve probate law, trust law, civil law, tax law, real property law, asset protection law, bankruptcy law, elder law. All of these things, all of them, often go together.

When someone asks me a question that appears, on its face, to be pretty simple, you can just about guarantee it involves at least two, oftentimes three or four of these issues. You need to be aware of this. Estate planning is not quite as simple as you may take it to be.

Jeff Fouts, estate planning attorney.”

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