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Aug 7, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning attorney Jeff Fouts here.

You already know that in these modern times that everybody is living longer. I wonder if you’ve noticed in North Atlanta, companies are building many long-term care facilities, such as home and condo communities for people age 55 and older, assisted living facilities and nursing homes. They are building them all over the place.

I want to ask you a question. Do you think that all those beds in those assisted living facilities and nursing homes are going to go empty? No, of course, they’re not. They’re going to be used. These people are smart that are building these type facilities. They’re going to make money off them, but what does all that mean for you?

Here’s what it means for you. You’re probably not going to die in your sleep. You may want to die in your sleep. You may hope you’ll get hit by truck on Highway 92 or something, but it probably won’t happen. You’ll probably be kept alive, and you’ll be in some kind of long-term care facility. And it will not be cheap to pay for.

You need to think these things over. Think them through and make sure you have a game plan so that you if you become incapacitated you don’t leave behind a mess. You need to have a plan that actually functions and works for you, your wife, and your family. This is important stuff. This is very important.

If we could ever help you, just give us a call. Thank you very much.”

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