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Money is Important

Aug 30, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Jeff Fouts, Estate Planning attorney here.

Everyone knows that estate planning involves money. It does. Estate planning involves money and money is important. Money is important because of the things it can buy. It can buy lots of things. It can’t buy everything, but it can buy a lot of things, and so money is good.

We don’t worship at the altar of money though. The real issue is not the money itself necessarily, but the real issue is the fact that you have people in your life; sons and daughters, nieces and nephews, and your spouse. We want to make sure that the money goes down to them so they can be provided for. Thus Money is important, but for what it can provide to us, and we want to make darn sure we keep the money in the bloodline.

When I talk about money, I’m not necessarily focusing on your bank statement or your brokerage statement. Why is that? Because guys, I’m going to pick on you men, don’t get mad at me, because when you are on your deathbed, guys, I do not think you will be saying the following, ‘Honey, bring me that 401(k) statement, so I can look at it one more time.’ No, I do not think you’ll be doing that.

I think what you’ll want instead is for your loved ones, to come around so that you can kiss their cheek and hug their neck on your way out of this world. Again, money is important, but it’s only important because of the people in your life. If we can ever help you, just give us a call, thank you.”

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