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Life Doesn’t Go Away

Sep 19, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning attorney Jeff Fouts here. We oftentimes get busy with life, and things distract us. That’s understandable. You’re living your life. You’re enjoying life. You’re attending to your job, your family, or your responsibilities, and that’s good.

But something I’ve discovered, and perhaps you know it as well, is that life doesn’t go away. Life does not go away. Guys, I’m going to pick on you here. Please don’t get frustrated at me. You’re not the man you used to be. You’re not as healthy as you were when you were 20, or 30, or maybe 40, or 49.

Before you know it, something’s going to happen. Something in your health is going to break. Maybe you have a stroke. Maybe you have become mentally incapacitated, and then it will be very important that the plans you have an estate plan in place. And not just any estate plan, but an estate plan that actually works and accomplishes what you want to happen.

Remember, just because your estate plan has a nice binder, and is burgundy, blue, green or leatherette, doesn’t it will work properly. And also never forget – life does NOT ever go away.

If we could ever help you with anything in the future, maybe reviewing your current estate plan, just let us know. Thank you very much.”

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