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Aug 15, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning attorney Jeff Fouts here. Sometimes people wonder about why they should create an estate plan. Most people think, ‘Well, I just want to make sure it goes to my wife and my kids.’

Yes, in essence that is it, but I want to kind of give you a more formalized reason why people build estate plans. I’ll let you think about it. People want the money that they have worked hard for to go to the people that they want it to go to, handled by the people that they actually trust and have faith in, with the least amount of hassles and disagreements.

Also, with the least amount of fees, attorney’s fees, court fees, taxes, expenses, etc. In other words, they want what they want to flow in a very efficient way so that they can achieve what they want.

Here’s what most clients tell me. ‘Jeff, here’s all I know. When I die, I want everything to go faster, quicker, easier.’ That’s a very good estate planning goal, but I’ll tell you what, that goal does not happen by accident. You must plan ahead or that goal will not be achieved.”

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