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Every Family is Different

Sep 19, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate-planning attorney Jeff Fouts here. You know I’ve talked in the past about there being different kinds of children and different kinds of estate plans, but there’s also different kinds of families.

Sometimes you may think, ‘Oh, well. Here’s a husband, a wife, and kids. That’s what’s called a nuclear family.’ Yes, that is one kind of family. We certainly deal with that kind of family, but there’s all different kinds of clients and families out there.

For example, there’s client married couples that have his kids, her kids, our kids. There are married couples that just have her kids or just his kids. There are married couples that don’t have any kids whatsoever.

There are also people that wish they didn’t have any kids. About once every couple of months we end up disinheriting or substantially disinheriting a child. Sometimes you got to do what you got to do. Maybe they burnt their bridge, so it’s time to cut them out. We do that as well.

Sometimes there are people that are single, widowed or divorced. They could either have kids or not have kids. Some people that don’t have kids think of their nieces and nephews as close as children. Some people think of their pets as kind of like their children. We even create pet trusts.

We help all kinds of people. We help people that have LLCs, people that have rental property, in state or out of state. We help folks in all different kinds of situations.

We do simple estate planning, we do middle-of-the-road, and we do comprehensive estate planning. We can handle almost any situation that you may have. If you’d ever like us to take a second look, a review, of your estate plan, just let us know. We look forward to maybe meeting with you. Have a good day.”

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