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Every Child is Different

Sep 4, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning attorney Jeff Fouts here.

At the Fouts Law Group we represent all different kinds of families. Married and single families. What’s interesting about families are the children. There’s different kinds of children. My wife and I got two children. My children are different. That’s OK. People are different.

Sometimes, when we look at the kids, we can tell pretty quickly that one child is more financially stable than the other. Maybe one child has more common sense. Maybe one child went to college and the other one didn’t. Maybe one child has more financial training. Maybe one child is married. One child isn’t married. Maybe one child lives in town. Maybe one child lives out of town.

Kids are different. For example, some kids are so sweet and tenderhearted that at the end of your life, they would never be able to pull the plug on you. On the other hand, some kids are so rational that when it becomes end of life, they’ll pull the plug on you in a New York second. Maybe too soon, if you’re not careful.

Anyway, kids are different. That is something very, very important to consider in estate planning. If we could ever help you, if you’d ever like us to review your estate plan, just let us know.”

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