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Control the Uncontrollable with Estate Planning

Aug 6, 2018

Jeff Fouts: “Estate planning attorney Jeff Fouts here. Let’s imagine that you have the perfect family. You have the perfect spouse and perfect children. You live in the perfect house. You have the perfect pension plan and the perfect 401k. Everything is just wonderful. Nothing bad has ever happened to you.

That’s good. But here is an issue that you need to think really seriously about. That is as follows. There are lots of things that are beyond your control. Yes, you can control some things in life, but you can’t control all aspects of life. Those things that you can’t control can and may potentially snakebite you, or your wife, or your children, or your grandchildren.

In life, we have lots of things that we cannot control. That’s why we have insurance. And quality estate planning is, in some ways, a type of protective insurance. We hope we never need any insurance or protection, but we hope you have it just in case. Anyway, if we could ever help you, just let us know. Thank you.”

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