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Through your military service, you have earned access to programs and services which should provide you with help over the course of your lifetime. Many of the most important benefits begin to kick in as you get older and experience more medical and personal needs. You must understand benefits eligibility and ensure you are able to take full advantage of all that you have earned. 

Questions you may have about VA benefits and eligibility include:

  • What kinds of veterans’ benefits am I eligible for?
  • How Can I apply for veterans’ benefits?
  • How Can a veterans’ benefits lawyer help?

What Kinds of Veterans’ Benefits am I Eligible for?

The types of veterans benefits you are eligible for are going to vary based on many different factors including your service record; your current income status; your health situation; and the programs offered where you live.

In general, many veterans will receive a military pension once they reach retirement age, and will also receive healthcare including preventative testing offered by the Veteran’s Administration. Eligible family members should also be entitled to healthcare services. Those with a service-connected disability should also be able to receive disability benefits with the amount determined based on the extent of the disabling condition. These benefits can be available throughout the entirety of your lifetime.

For aging veterans, there are a host of services aimed specifically at the elderly. There are programs which provide adult daycare to help veterans stay out of nursing homes, and there are respite services offered to caregivers who are taking care of aging vets at home. Medical foster care and home health care are also options to help keep veterans out of a nursing home environment for as long as possible.

When veterans do need nursing home care services, there are community homes and VA homes in which placement may be possible. Aid & Attendance (A&A) can also result in an increase in pension benefits both for vets who have to go into a nursing home and for veterans who meet certain other criteria such as being bedridden. A&A is meant to help defray the significant expenses associated with receiving care due to ongoing health problems or age-related infirmity.

These are just a few of the many different benefits targeting elderly veterans. Hospice services, help with end of life decisions, and many more services may ease the burden of aging and make life easier for veterans and their families.

How Can I Apply for Veterans’ Benefits?

The first step in getting VA benefits is to understand exactly what benefits you deserve. Far too many current and former military members are unaware of all of the different programs and benefits the VA provides and thus do not apply for benefits which could help to improve their lives. An Atlanta veterans’ benefits lawyer can help you to make an assessment of what programs you should apply for.

You will then need to determine what information you must provide to the VA and how to submit your application for benefits. You may need to provide proof of your eligibility, including showing your current health and financial situation and your past service record. Navigating the bureaucracy and determining how to successfully apply for benefits can be complicated, which is why getting legal help is a good idea.

How Can a Veterans’ Benefits Lawyer Help Me?

An Atlanta veterans’ benefits lawyer can provide you with a comprehensive assessment of your situation and can explain all of the different veterans’ benefits that you may be entitled to receive. Your attorney may also provide assistance with completing the process of applying for VA benefits, with proving eligibility, with appealing the denial of benefits, and with otherwise doing all you need to get coverage and to be granted entry into programs that benefit you.

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