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Despite knowing that creating a will and trust is an important thing to do, most people put it off. This is usually due to a common misconception that these legal tools are only for the rich and elderly. This is simply not true. A will and trust is for anyone who owns assets or has minor children. 

Though we’d like to think tomorrow is guaranteed, it never is. You can become incapacitated or pass away without warning. Unfortunately, if you don’t get your affairs in order before this happens, your assets and family will be left in jeopardy. Don’t put off creating your will and trust for another day. Make the effort now to ensure that your family is protected later. Call Fouts Law Group today to schedule a free consultation with our Marietta wills & trusts lawyer and learn about your next steps.

Why Do You Need A Will & Trust?

In the event that you become incapacitated or pass away, a will & trust are two documents that clarify your wishes for your assets, property, and minor children (if you have them). They can provide your loved ones with a sense of peace during a difficult time as they’ll know exactly how you’d like your assets distributed and with whom you’d wish to leave any minor children with. 

It’s imperative that you understand that if you fail to create these documents which name beneficiaries and trustees, the state of Georgia will do it for you. This means that what you wanted for your belongings and your loved ones can be distributed however the court sees fit. 

You should also remember that even if you create a will, your assets will still have to undergo the probate process if you don’t also have a trust. Probate can be stressful, time-consuming, and expensive for your loved ones during an already difficult time. 

Why Should You Work With A Lawyer?

While a will and trust are necessary legal tools that can help secure your family’s future, they can be complicated to create correctly. It’s essential to work with an experienced wills and trusts lawyer who can help you understand your options, and guide you through the process of creating a will and trust that thoroughly outlines your desires for when you’re no longer here. 

You might have done some research on the topic and stumbled across DIY (Do-It-Yourself) will and trust templates online. Though these documents might be more convenient or cost-efficient, they usually aren’t legally compliant. Typically a DIY will or trust template doesn’t meet the requirements for necessary legal language, so creating your will or trust using one can ultimately cause you to make costly mistakes. Working with a seasoned Marietta wills and trusts lawyer can help you stay compliant with Georgia’s estate laws and create a will and trust that protects both your assets and the future of your loved ones!

What Are Your Options?

There are several types of wills and trusts that you can choose from, but a skilled attorney can help you understand which options will best fit your unique needs. A few of the different types of wills and trusts include but are not limited to the following:

  • Living will – Allows you to clarify your wishes for end-of-life medical care. 
  • Simple will – Allows you to designate who you want to leave property and assets to, as well as who you’d like to designate as a guardian for your minor children. 
  • Joint will – One will, signed by two people (usually married) and designates the surviving spouse as the sole beneficiary. 
  • Pour-over will – Transfers all assets inside a will into a trust at the time of death. 
  • Revocable trust – A flexible trust that can be altered at any point in time.
  • Irrevocable trust – A trust that cannot be changed once set up. 
  • Special needs trust – Designed to provide for disabled individuals in order to maintain government benefits. 

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