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Jasper is a small-town in Pickens County, with a rich history in Marble Mining. On the first weekend of every October, the city of Jasper hosts the Georgia Marble Festival which features a parade, road races, and a range of booths with vendors of all kinds. Additionally, the city has a beautiful overlook of Burnt Mountain, multiple wineries and vineyards to explore, and several public parks with opportunity to soak up the city’s serene nature. Residents of Jasper enjoy a tranquil environment, but just because there’s so much to enjoy in the present here doesn’t mean that residents don’t need to plan for the future. If you live in or near Jasper, and you need legal help with estate planning, Medicaid planning, navigating probate after the death of a loved one, or elder law issues, Fouts Law Group can assist you. Our lead attorney Jeff Fouts has 30+ years of experience with Georgia’s estate laws, so he can simplify the process of achieving your legal goals and guide you every step of the way, giving you peace of mind for whatever comes next. Call now to schedule a free consultation!

jasper, ga

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