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If you’re currently grieving the loss of a loved one, we want to first extend our most sincere condolences. We understand how devastating it can be to lose someone you love, especially when you’re also expected to handle the legal implications tacked onto that loss. If your family member left their affairs in disarray and it appears that Georgia’s probate process will be necessary, Fouts Law Group’s Jasper probate lawyer can help you through the process. 

We know that the journey ahead of you might feel impossible, but we will do everything we can to simplify the path so you can settle your loved one’s estate and begin moving forward with your life. Call today to schedule a free consultation. 

Jasper Probate Lawyer

What Is Probate?

Many people are unfamiliar with the prospect of probate until they find themselves grappling with a loss in their family. Probate is a Georgia court process that transfers a decedent’s assets and other possessions to their designated beneficiaries. Even if your family member had a will, probate may still be required. 

What Doesn’t Have To Go Through Probate?

In Georgia, not all assets have to pass through probate. The following are a few examples of assets that are exempt from the process:

  • Assets owned jointly
  • Assets for which a beneficiary was named outside of a will, like in a retirement account or life insurance policy
  • Assets held in a revocable living trust
  • And more

What Are The Steps Of Probate?

The first step of probate is to submit a will to the probate court. If your loved one already has a will, the probate process can be much more straightforward. If you were appointed as the estate’s executor, it means that you will be responsible for the following steps: 

  • Notifying the public, creditors, and beneficiaries of the decedent’s passing
  • Taking inventory of assets and having them appraised
  • Arranging for the management of the assets until the estate is settled.
  • Settling any outstanding debts with creditors
  • Filing final tax returns and paying any taxes still owed
  • Distributing remaining assets to beneficiaries
  • Communicating with the court 
  • Settling the estate 

Our Jasper probate lawyer can help you further understand your responsibilities so that none of your duties are overlooked or unfulfilled. 

Cons Of Probate

The probate process is known for being expensive, time-consuming, and stressful. There are hefty legal fees associated with the process, and mistakes that can be easily  made that might compromise or delay the estate from being settled. The cost alone can be enough to drain your loved one’s hard-earned assets. Probate cases in Georgia can also take 6 months and longer to complete depending on the complexity of the assets and if any beneficiaries or family members attempt to challenge the will. As an executor, you also carry liability as family members who are unhappy with the decisions you make may file a lawsuit against you, adding to your already full plate. 

How Our Jasper Probate Lawyer Can Help

No one wants to deal with the legal consequences of a loved one’s death. You deserve the space to mourn, heal, and move on. However, because of the liability for executors, it’s in your best interest to enlist the help of a professional who can provide you with reliable legal guidance.

At Fouts Law Group, our Jasper probate lawyer has 30+ years of experience with Georgia’s estate planning and probate laws. He has the skills and knowledge necessary to settle your loved one’s estate with confidence and peace of mind. No matter how challenging your probate case might feel, he can help you reach the best possible outcome. 

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If you’ve lost someone close to you and are facing uncharted legal territory, you don’t have to do it alone! Call Fouts Law Group today to schedule a free consultation and discover your legal options. 

Why Is Asset Protection Necessary? Despite a popular misconception that asset protection is only for the wealthy, anyone can benefit from strategies to protect their money; however, obviously if you have a high-risk career, or if you have a sizable amount of assets, you have more to lose, and more reason to safeguard what you have. Asset protection is intended to preserve your assets against things like divorce, business failure, creditor claims, incapacitation, death, and more. What Type Of Asset Protection Do I Need? Asset protection is a broad term that covers a large scope of legal tools that secure your wealth. Because everyone’s financial circumstances vary, there isn’t going to be a “one-size-fits-all” formula for asset protection. Our Austell asset protection lawyer can asses your financial situation and explain your options so that you can choose which type(s) of asset protection will be best suited to your needs. A few of the tools you can utilize include:
  • Trusts – allow you to transfer your assets to another entity to be managed on behalf of any named beneficiaries.
  • Limited liability entities – also known as LLCs, these are business structures that offer business owners limited liability protection.
  • Homestead exemptions – offer homeowners protection for their primary residence from creditors and property taxes.
  • Prenuptial agreements – also known as a premarital agreement, this is signed before a marriage occurs and outlines how assets, debts, and investments will be handled if divorce occurs.
Why Should I Work With An Austell Asset Protection Lawyer? At Fouts Law Group, we believe that you deserve to reap the benefits of your hard-earned assets, both in the present and in the future. You shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not they’ll be available when you and your family need them or that an unexpected life event will take them away from you. We can help preserve your legacy by providing you with the legal instruments necessary to safeguard your assets! Our lead Austell asset protection lawyer, Jeff Fouts, has 30+ years of experience with asset protection. He has also accumulated a wealth of knowledge as a registered investment advisor and published author. You can trust that his familiarity with Georgia’s asset protection laws can give you a huge advantage. He can explain your options, advise you on which of them can maximize asset protection, and answer any questions you may have. Call Fouts Law Group Today! You’ve worked hard to grow your assets throughout the years; don’t allow them to be depleted by unforeseen events. Allow our Austell asset protection lawyer to explain the strategies, including tax strategies, available to you. Call Fouts Law Group today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation and learn about your various options for asset protection. There is no obligation to move forward with us, but at the very least, you’ll walk away with a better understanding of the importance of asset protection and what our firm can offer you.

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