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Austell, nestled in the Southwest of Cobb County, and known for its picturesque setting of parks and oak trees, makes an ideal place for not only visitors but also residents. It’s been recognized as a “therapeutic city,” because of its peaceful nature, but what residents really need is peace of mind that their futures are taken care of. It’s likely that many residents will find themselves face to face with a legal issue at some point. When they do, our lead Austell attorney, Jeff Fouts, has over 30 years of experience in estate law, so he is familiar with the problems and needs that Austell residents have. Whether you need to create an estate plan, have to go through probate, or need help navigating elder law, he can help. Let Fouts Law Group assist you in getting your affairs in order, guarding your assets, and preparing for the future. Call today to schedule a free consultation.

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