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If you recently lost someone you love, we want to first extend our condolences. We understand how difficult it can be when a beloved family member passes away, and it is especially challenging to process your emotions while dealing with the legal implications that follow a death. If you’ve found yourself overwhelmed by your loved one’s disarrayed affairs, we can help guide you through Georgia’s probate process. Call today to schedule a free consultation with our Austell probate lawyer and learn about your next steps.

What Is Probate? 

Many people are not familiar with the probate process until they find themselves facing a death in their family. Probate is a legal court process that occurs when someone dies that involves the validation and administration of their will. When probate is complete, then a decedent’s assets can be distributed to the appropriate heirs. If your loved one left a will behind, you might be wondering if probate will even be necessary. However, even with the presence of a will, probate is typically still required in order to settle the estate.

Steps Of Probate

The first step of the Georgia probate process is filing a petition to open probate. You or another family member will be named as the estate executor, also known as a personal representative. If your loved one didn’t leave behind a will, that means that it is your responsibility to carry out the process of probate, which includes:

  • Notifying beneficiaries, the public and creditors of the decedent’s death
  • Taking inventory of assets and having them appraised
  • Arranging for the care of the decedent’s assets until the probate process is finished
  • Paying any outstanding debts and resolving any creditor claims
  • Filing a final tax return, and paying any outstanding balances
  • Communicating with the court
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries
  • Closing the estate
  • And more!

Probate Can Be Tricky 

Unfortunately, the process of probate can be expensive, time-consuming and stressful during an already difficult time. You deserve to grieve the loss of your loved one, but as discussed, there are various steps that must be taken care of in order to settle your family member’s estate. There are several court fees, important deadlines that have to be met, complicated paperwork that needs to be completed, and too many mistakes that can be easily made, costing you more time, and more money. That’s why it’s imperative that you work with a seasoned Austell probate lawyer who can help you check all of these boxes, ensuring you remain legally compliant and helping you settle your family member’s estate with care.

Why Work With An Austell Probate Lawyer?

There are many ways in which having professional representation on your side can prove to be beneficial. Not only can they help you follow the steps of probate, but they can even serve as emotional support, specifically when it comes to navigating familial conflict. While you’d like to hope that it wouldn’t arise at a time like this, death can sometimes stir up tension, and deep-rooted feelings, which may lead to disputes or contests to a will. A great probate lawyer will help you resolve issues like this. 

How Fouts Law Group Can Help

Handling probate when you should be mourning your great loss can be incredibly overwhelming. Unfortunately, because of the liability for executors, and the need for assets to be distributed to beneficiaries, you can’t let time slip away from you. At Fouts Law Group, we are ready to provide you with seasoned legal guidance. We take the time to get to know you, explain your legal rights and responsibilities, answer your questions and help you reach the best possible outcome. Our Austell probate lawyer, Jeff Fouts has over 30 years of experience in probate law, so he has helped more than a few grieving families in need settle their loved one’s estate. He’s familiar with the state laws and is passionate about taking this burden off of your shoulders. 

Call Fouts Law Group today to schedule a free consultation and learn about how we can help you through the journey ahead.

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