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If you don’t have a will and trust yet, don’t procrastinate making them! These are two of the most important legal tools that everyone who owns property or has family should have in place – they’re not just for the wealthy, and they can save you and your loved ones time, money, and stress. None of us know what the future holds. Our experienced Atlanta wills and trusts lawyer at Fouts Law Group can give you peace of mind! Schedule a free consultation today to learn more about your next steps.

Why Do You Need A Will And Trust?

A will and trust can make your wishes known. They can also ensure that the assets you have worked so hard to earn and accumulate are both protected during your lifetime and passed directly to your beneficiaries upon your death. 

If you don’t have a will, Georgia’s intestate laws will decide what happens to your possessions upon your death; usually, these laws give everything to your closest surviving family member(s). That may not sound bad, but for many people, especially in blended family situations, this isn’t exactly what they intended, and it can leave other people who were expecting to inherit in a difficult financial position. 

However, even if you do have a will that explicitly lays out who should inherit what, it won’t take effect until you die, and it has to go through an expensive and cumbersome court process known as probate (which is not something you want your family to have to be dealing with on top of their grief). 

That’s why having a trust is necessary! A trust is an entity that owns your assets securely; you create the trust, set up terms for how it will be managed, and designate a trustee and beneficiary (who may also be yourself). The trust goes into effect right away! When you die, the trust can transfer everything inside to your loved ones without probate.

Different Types Of Wills And Trusts

There are actually several different kinds of wills and trusts that you can have. Which you should choose depends on your specific goals. Our Atlanta wills and trusts lawyer can explain the differences between the different types and which one might be better for you to have!

Here are a few of the most common wills and trusts:

Living will – Instructions for how your medical care should be handled in the event of your incapacitation; not technically a traditional “will”. 

Simple will – A last will and testament designed for straightforward estates.

Joint will – One will signed by two people (usually married) that gives everything to the surviving signer in the event of the other’s death. 

Pour-over will – A type of will that transfers all assets inside the will into a trust at the time of death. 

Revocable trust – A flexible trust that can be altered at any point during your lifetime. 

Irrevocable trust – An inflexible trust that, once set up, cannot be changed, but can provide additional tax shelter benefits. 

Special needs trust – Designed to provide for the needs of disabled individuals without compromising their eligibility for government benefits. 

Why Working With An Atlanta Wills And Trusts Lawyer Is Important

Many people have a common misconception that making a will is a simple matter of looking up how to do it online, following instructions or downloading a template, and then storing it someplace safe, but taking a “DIY” approach could a) be a waste of your valuable time and b) actually leave your family in a more difficult situation when you pass away. 

Legal information you find on the internet may not be accurate, or legally compliant with the most recent state laws. It isn’t personalized to your unique family dynamics and financial situation. And beneficiary designations that aren’t updated in accordance with a will will override provisions made in a will, so, if you try to do it on your own and you make mistakes, or don’t take certain considerations into account, your will could be rendered completely useless when the time comes for it to be executed. A trust is even more complicated to create and requires thorough legal knowledge. 

Our Atlanta wills and trusts lawyer can not only make sure your will and trust are drafted correctly, but that your legal documents are also customized so they will provide maximum protection for everything and everyone you care about. 

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Making a will and trust can seem like a daunting task, but with Attorney Jeff Fouts’s help, it can be simple! He has over 30 years of experience in estate law and has even authored “Estate Planning In Georgia – Keeping It In The Family”. He knows the road ahead, and can help you understand your options. His goal is to preserve your lasting legacy. Don’t wait to get started! Call his office today to schedule your free consultation. 

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