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There’s a lot that goes into protecting your hard-earned nest egg and passing it safely on to your spouse and children, but with our FREE booklet “12 Wealth Threats – And How to Avoid Them” you’ll be one step closer to getting yourself and your family on the path to a secure and happy future.

Estate Planning in Georgia Has Changed

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Fouts Law Group, LLC provides legal assistance during the probate process. If you are an executor of a will, if you believe you will inherit as a result of a death, or if you are concerned the wishes of the deceased aren’t being respected after a death…
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Trust Administration

Fouts Law Group, LLC provides assistance with trust administration for trustees and beneficiaries. The trust administration process can determine when and how you inherit, whether an inheritance is protected, and whether a trust administrator…
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Asset Protection

Fouts Law Group, LLC provides assistance with the protection of personal and business wealth. You work very hard for the money and property that you acquire. Whether you have a farm, family business, significant investments, or other valuable assets…
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Financial and Tax Planning

Fouts Law Group, LLC provides financial planning help at all phases of personal wealth building. Developing a financial plan early in life and making smart choices throughout your life can allow you to achieve financial security for yourself and…
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Special Needs Planning

Fouts Law Group, LLC provides assistance with special needs planning. We represent caregivers and guardians of individuals with serious disabilities and offer assistance in how to make sure the person you are caring for always has an appropriate home…
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Incapacity Planning

Fouts Law Group, LLC provides advice on incapacity planning. Incapacity planning is necessary, regardless of your age, if you want to make certain you have control over the types of extraordinary medical care you will receive if you are seriously hurt…
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Jeff Fouts

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Yesterday’s estate planning services are designed for a world that no longer exists. Presently, we are living longer and our institutions, costs, and laws that dictate what will happen to you, your money and your family are vastly different from what they once were.

From financial planning and asset protection, health issues, or even helping a loved one maintain control of their life, Jeff Fouts creates solutions designed to hold up in court today and the road ahead.

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We are very satisfied with this company and their personnel. Very, very professional.
Alice H., August 18, 2016

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Jeff Fouts creates solutions designed to hold
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